The Omni™ Quad-Rotor UAV allows for data capture with an unprecedented field of view, giving users visibility to almost an impossible-to-reach asset such as under a bridge, or bottom of antenna connection.

An optimal solution for the Inspection, Survey & Mapping, and Agriculture industries, the Omni UAV is giving users eyes on assets like never before.

A Sentera Double 4K Sensor paired with the Omni UAV gives users optics to inaccessible areas, and empowers them with two zoom levels for inspection applications and simultaneous high-resolution RGB, NIR, and NDVI data capture.

Omni — Complete Inspection System

The robust and versatile Omni™ Inspection Drone paired with the Sentera Double 4k Sensor introduces a game-changing upward-looking inspection solution to the infrastructure inspection industry.

This system provides users with an unprecedented range of sensor motion. With the ability to look up, down and all around, the Omni inspection drone and gimbaled Double 4k Sensor system delivers inspection views unavailable from any other drone and sensor package on the market today. Operators can look under bridges, power lines, and other critical components housed in difficult-to-reach areas.

The Sentera Double 4k Sensor is changing how the inspection industry captures data. With two zoom levels, operators use the Double 4k wide-angle field of view (FOV) lens to audit structure, and magnified narrow FOV lens to instantly see 12MP of detail. Combined with the Double 4k sensor with the Omni Inspection Drone for an unmatched inspection tool.

Omni Inspection System Features:
  • Ability to quickly and easily inspect difficult-to-reach infrastructures assets such as the underside of a bridge or unusual angle of a tower assets.
  • Dual zoom levels allow users to quickly assess a structure from macro level, then zoom into 12MP to detail analyze a potential issue.
  • Minimal vibration which ensures distortion-free imagery is collected, translated into easy stitching with any standard stitching tool.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Sentera OnTop™  software to further augment efficiencies.

Omni — Complete Agriculture System

The versatile Omni™ AG Drone is paired with the Sentera Double 4k Sensor, taking crop scouting to the next level. This winning combination allows growers to easily scout crops using a gimbaled, game-changing Sentera Double 4k Sensor which features rapid image collection and ability to capture high-resolution, near infrared (NIR), and normalized difference vegetation (NDVI) data in a single flight!

Capable of looking up, down and all around, the Omni AG Drone and gimbaled Double 4k Sensor system delivers crop views unavailable from any other drone and sensor package on the market today.

The accompanying Double 4k Sensor is the smallest, lightest dual sensor available today. Capturing 12MP high-resolution images with an enhanced processor, the Double 4k allows expedited delivery of precise normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) crop-health imagery, with amazing precise clarity — like nothing else on the market.

Omni Agriculture System Features:
  • Assist in identifying stressed areas of a field, measuring overall crop health.
  • Accurately helps growers to apply fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides based real-time data.
  • Increased operational efficiencies by permitting operators to capture RGB, NIR and NDVI in a single flight.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sentera AgVault™ 2.0 software to further augment efficiencies.

Omni Performance Specifications




Gross Takeoff Weight:  8 lbs (3.6 kg) 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Diagonal Size:  27.5 in (69.85 cm) 27.5 in (69.85 cm)
Height:  11.25 in (28.58 cm) 11.25 in (28.58 cm)
Cruise Speed:  15 m/s (29 kts) 15 m/s (29 kts)
Hover Time:  25 minutes 25 minutes

Double 4K – Inspection

  • RGB Resolution
  • Wide HFOV: 60º
  • Narrow HFOV: 15º
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • Live Video

Compatible with many Precision Sensors

Double 4K – Ag

  • RGB Resolution: 12MP
  • NIR Resolution: 12MP
  • Max Photo Rate: 30 HZ
  • Storage: 64 GB

Compatible with many Precision Sensors